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Break through creative barriers by learning to give yourself a break. In these captivating intuitive painting courses, Erin Meyers will teach you how to tap into your freedom, passion and the child-like creative energy you may not even realize you’ve stifled. Let go and watch your art take shape by coloring outside the lines.
Painting intuitively and mindfully is a practice. It’s a cathartic journey of transformation, self-discovery and self-love. With Erin’s expert guidance, you’ll learn to quiet your inner critic and awaken your inner muse. These classes will teach you to embrace the beauty and authenticity of your creative process, and the art that’s born from trusting yourself.
For many artists, it takes years, even a lifetime to find a unique style. Erin’s course will not only spark your inspiration, it will lead you to a style of art that encapsulates your individual truth. The result? Art that inspires, evokes emotion in others and is unlike that of anyone else. It’s the type of art that can change the world.
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Unleash your captive creativity with Erin Meyer’s online intuitive painting workshop.

If you have the desire to paint, you’re an artist. No matter your level of experience, these downloadable classes will take your painting to the next level. Once you download a course it is yours to keep. Paint alongside Erin whenever you choose, from the comfort of home, and watch as moments of inspiration transform into remarkable works of art! PURCHASE HERE!