Caribbean Mermaid
Caribbean Mermaid
Acrylic on Canvas

Makeeta Le Model is a talented model based in Jacksonville, Florida. Her diverse range of projects have made her a coveted model in the fashion world. Makeeta has taken on various roles within the industry such as training models, hosting events, and even serving as an artistic muse for photographers and painters.

With a passion for modeling, Makeeta has worked on numerous fashion projects including runway shows, print ads, and fashion editorials. Her unique look, versatile style, and natural beauty have made her an in-demand model.

In addition to modeling, Makeeta has also taken on the role of training models. She dedicates her time and expertise to help aspiring models perfect their craft, such as posing and walking the runway. Her dedication to helping others speaks to her kindness and willingness to be a mentor in the modeling industry.

Makeeta has also hosted various events, showcasing her stunning personality and her ability to effortlessly capture an audience. With her friendly aura and infectious energy, she has become a popular host, making every event she attends a memorable one.

Finally, Makeeta has served as an artistic muse for photographers and painters, inspiring breathtaking editorial shoots and art pieces. Her unique look and striking confidence have a quality of turning normal photographs into unique works of art.

Makeeta is featured in several paintings by multiple local artists, including Erin Meyers. Erin's creative connection with Makeeta's vivid spirit comes forth in several of Erin's masterpieces.

With her diverse array of talents and vibrant energy, we can only expect great things from Makeeta Le Model.

This print of the original painting, "Caribbean Mermaid" is one of a series of beautiful black mermaids. Ten percent of all sales are given to the models in each painting, who are Jacksonville, Florida locals.

This series of mermaids started in June of 2020, shortly after the death of George Floyd. Protesting is not really my thing. I'm a lover, and a painter. What can I do to show that black lives matter to me? The simple answer is to love black people. And paint is my love language!

This painting series has given me the opportunity to connect with the black community around me. And I hope that these beautiful images can make you feel that love.