Erin Meyers Art

Erin Meyers is renowned as an award winning, neurodivergent artist, environmentalist, writer, and advocate of creativity. Hailing from the city of Jacksonville, Florida, her upbringing in close proximity to the ocean and river ignited an early passion for nature that continues to shape her artistic journey. Erin’s reverence for nature and wildlife finds expression in her art, as she captures their essence through a surreal and whimsical lens that reflects her unique perspective. As an intuitive painter, she immerses herself fully in the creative process. The result is artwork that exudes raw authenticity, born from a surrender to the inherent flow of creativity. Through her art, she advocates for environmental and cultural awareness. Her work in this realm has earned recognition from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, acknowledging her profound contribution to conservation through the power of artistic expression. Her articles provide invaluable insights and practical advice for individuals seeking to tap into their authentic creativity and embark on a transformative artistic path. Erin actively facilitates intuitive painting workshops where she imparts her magnetic passion for the creative process.