Erin Meyers Art

The Meditative Paintings of Erin Meyers
I am a visual artist based in Florida. My days are spent celebrating nature and exploring the process of creativity.
All of my artwork is created intuitively, as a meditative practice. I like to start with the background of a painting. I choose a few colors that inspire me, and I create abstract scenes. Often, I will finger paint my backgrounds. I enjoy the playfulness, and the feel of the paint on my fingers. Once a background has been created, I will "draw" the shape of a creature, or face that seems to fit the scene of the background.
Then I will begin the joyful process of filling in the shape with intricate details and patterns. This process is so relaxing and therapeutic to me.
My love for animals, especially foxes, and the Moon is readily portrayed in my artwork. I also have a passion for bright colors, patterns, and mandalas. I hope that my paintings reflect the joy I experience when I create them.
Connect with me and my art on instagram @erinmeyersart or on